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I donated but didn't recieve a tax receipt.

If you donated less than $20 CAD, you would not be eligible to recieve a tax receipt. Otherwise, you can reach out to us at [email protected] to get help get a new receipt generated.

Are there any recurring fees for using Play4Them?

Play4Them is 100% free to signup for and set an event up on. We take a 2.5% transaction fee from every event registration and donation to help cover our costs. That's it!

Are donations through Play4Them secure?

We take the flow of donated money very seriously. First, we vet charity partners through the CRA to ensure money is only sent to valid Canadian charities. Next, we transmit all payment information through Stripe to make sure all of your payment information is securely processed and safe. Personal information is stored securely and payment information is not retained onsite.

Can I donate privately or anonymously?

Donating privately is possible by indicating "Keep this donation anonymous" when you are donating. This will hide all of your information from public view. However, charities will need some level of information provided to them so they can issue you a tax reciept or handle refunds.