Case study

The tribe has spoken

Kids Up Front used Play4Them to host their unique, engaging and competitive fundraising campaign

The Brief

Kids Up Front, a non profit that distributes tickets to arts, culture and sporting events for to deserving kids, hosts a unique fundraiser called Stranded Water Valley each year. Based on the popular TV show, Survivor, Stranded involves 16 contestants that compete in multiple immunity challenges and tribal councils in the pursuit of the bragging rights of the Stranded Water Valley champion. The events that take place over the weekend long competition are filmed and then screened at the finale, where the winner is revealed.

Play4Them helped with the visibility of our event, and they made it easy and straightforward to donate.

Nicky Nash

Executive Director, Kids Up Front Calgary

Fundraising incentives

The first immunity challenge of the event is a fundraising competition, where the top six fundraisers receive immunity from the first tribal council. This provides an incentive for the competitors to raise as much money as they can leading up to the event. Kids Up Front was in need of a platform to facilitate the donations, leaderboard tracking, automated tax receipt distribution and social media shareability. Play4Them worked with Kids Up Front to ensure that their signature event’s torch burned bright right through to the finale.

Tools used

Kids Up Front took full advantage of Play4Them by utilizing our free tools to help surpass their goals.


Event organization

Online transactions

Automatic tax receipts

...and more


Play4Them automated and managed the administration of tax receipts which in turn freed up a substantial amount of staff time so that we could focus on our programming and operations over administration tasks.

Nicky Nash

Executive Director, Kids Up Front Calgary